SAP – Easy MRP and coordinating 

Check out our SAP MRP tool, it combines material requirements for upcoming process orders (COOISPI / IW33) with the current stock on hand in multiple SLOCS (MB52).

The data is extracted and combined for easy viewing with one click of your mouse. You can easily see shortages, or plan material movements between storage locations in time for your production or planned work.


Cancel multiple Transfer Orders in SAP

This excel app cancels multiple TO’s in SAP WM.  Just paste or key in the TO numbers that you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel TO’s’.  This will start a script that will delete the TO’s if they are open.

System Requirements:

SAP Scripting enabled (here is a guide)

Excel 2007 or newer

Access to trannsaction LT15


Update MM02 from Excel

With this tool you can update you storage bin details from excel.  Simply key or paste the material numbers that require the storage bin update, and click ‘Draw down current Storage Bin’.  This will get the data that is currently set for the storage bin, plus any other data you may want to modify.  Change the data in the feilds to what you require, then click ‘Upload Data’ to make the changes.

System Requirements:

User access to MM02

Scripting set up on SAP (here is a guide)

Excel 2007 or newer

Mass change to MM02 Storage Bin

Here is a tool using Visual Basic for Applications to easily update the Storage bin field of MM02 in SAP.

Simply add the plant, SLO Cand material data into the spreadsheet and click ‘Get Data’ to retrieve the editable data.  Make the necessary changes then click on ‘Load Data’ to make the bulk change.

This is very handy when needing to check a group of materials or to maintain a changing storage setup or pick face.