Bluetooth stocktake software 

QuickDraw is a stocktaking solution that uses Bluetooth to transfer the data from barcode scanners back to a host computer.

This avoids the stops that can occur with traditional batch scanners and software.

The method can cut an hour off a physical stocktake, costing you less in labour and allows earlier opening times on morning of the stocktake.

It is available for Windows CE devices, and Windows embedded.

QuickDraw running on a CK71 device.

QuickDraw running on a 7535 G2.


QuickDraw stocktake – counting inventory on a Windows CE device

QuickDraw Batch is a retail stocktaking program for Windows CE devices, such as the Psion Teklogix 7535 G2.

This version uses the scanning device to save scanned data into a file to be uploaded into an inventory analysis database for balancing. There a a range of options, such as setting a default scan quantity or changing the destination of he scanned file.

The Windows CE program has been designed to be used with QuickDraw Retail (a database for reconciling retail stock takes), but the generated file can be used on any inventory management system that uses a file to upload or enter counts (Maginus, Futura, Pegasus Opera, SAP etc).  You need to be able to transfer a file from your device, via USB, Bluetooth, or over a LAN.

This Windows CE version is available for download now for $49.95