SAP stocktaking process

Here is the SAP stocktaking process using the AVB – Import SAP Stocktake Excel program.

The first step is to create a PID (physical inventory document) in SAP.  There are a few ways to do this, below shows the method using transaction MI31.  Enter the materials you wish to count, the SLOC, and whether you want Unrestricted Stock only etc.

MI31 Setup a count

When you have made your selections, press the execute button to proceed.  Highlight all the lines you want to count and press the ‘Create Documents Directly’ button, they should all turn green and the ‘PhysInvDoc’ column will populate with the PID number.  Take note of this number, or press CTRL+Y and highlight the number, then press CTRL+C to copy it into your memory.

2 - MI31 Create a count

Open the AVB – Import SAP Stocktake Excel spreadsheet.  Right-Click anywhere in the PID tab and click on ‘Download PID’.

3 - Right-Click in PID tab

The sheet will clear itself of any existing data, and present the following pop-up box:

3 - Enter SAP PID number

Enter the PID number into the pop-up box, and press ok.  The PID details will now be imported into the spreadsheet (the below example has its data blurred out).

4 - Print the count sheet and perform the inventory count

You can now treat the document as a regular spreadsheet, the print margins will be setup automatically as well as a formula to calculate the difference qty.  You can apply filters to sort by the storage bin, or any other way you wish.

5 - Apply a filter

Print the sheet, and perform the count of the materials.  When you have the sheet back, enter the results into the ‘Counted Qty’ column, noting the running totals in column L and adding comments as you go.

6 - Enter the count results

When you are satisfied with the count, right click anywhere in the PID tab and click ‘Upload PID’

7 - Right-Click in PID tab

The counted qty will now be uploaded to SAP.

8 - Count is uploaded

Go to transaction MI20 and post the count.

9 - MI20 check and post the results

10 - post

The count is then complete, with the posted differences the same.


SAP stocktake Demo

Here is the demo version of the AVB Sap stocktake tool.

With it you can download a PID into excel, so use it to check you have the settings required to run the full version before purchasing it.

AVB SAP Import Stocktake DEMO

You may have to reopen the file if you get the below message come up after opening it for the first time:


Click on ‘Enable Editing’, close the file and then re-open it.  This is due to an event that happens on the opening of the workbook, which sets up the menu command for the program.

You also need to enable scripting in SAP, details are here.

Simply right click on any cell and select ‘Download PID’. This will then start to draw down the details of the stocktake into the spreadsheet.

This app is for SAP MM (not WM), non-batched managed stocktakes.

For more info, check out the following link: