Quickdraw Stocktake

Quickdraw is a stocktake solution for efficiently capturing your inventory via scanning devices.  There is a full inventory snapshot program and a cycle count version for retail, warehouse and MRO inventory.

Quickdraw Retail gives you a total solution for counting your barcoded inventory, and obtaining a successful snapshot of your stores stock.  The software is available for download, or we can provide scanners that are setup and ready to go.

You can also rent our barcode scanners (within New Zealand) incuding the software and an Inventory Specialist in order to achieve a great stocktake result before deciding on investing in expensive hardware.


Generic USB Scanner Version

PDT 3100 Version (Batch)

Windows CE 5.0 Version (Batch and Live via Bluetooth)

Online Version (Live via Wifi devices incl. smartphones)

Windows Embedded 6.0 Version (Batch and Live via Bluetooth)