Inventory Specialist available 

If you need to get your inventory back into order, we can provide a specialist to help. With over 10 years experience in MRO, FMCG and general retail inventory, we have the analysis and operational experience to guide you on your way to total inventory control.

All aspects of stock control are covered, from label printing to full warehouse management.

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SAP stocktake Demo

Here is the demo version of the AVB Sap stocktake tool.

With it you can download a PID into excel, so use it to check you have the settings required to run the full version before purchasing it.

AVB SAP Import Stocktake DEMO

You may have to reopen the file if you get the below message come up after opening it for the first time:


Click on ‘Enable Editing’, close the file and then re-open it.  This is due to an event that happens on the opening of the workbook, which sets up the menu command for the program.

You also need to enable scripting in SAP, details are here.

Simply right click on any cell and select ‘Download PID’. This will then start to draw down the details of the stocktake into the spreadsheet.

This app is for SAP MM (not WM), non-batched managed stocktakes.

For more info, check out the following link: